Indonesian Merbau Decking Supplier (INTSIA BIJUGA / KWILA)

Established in 2003 as a manufacturer and exporter of decking which is specialized in Merbau Wood, PT Daya Cipta Karya Sempurna consistently lead the market of manufacturing and supplying of Solid Merbau Wood Decking worldwide.

PT.Daya Cipta Karya Sempurna is committed to obtain materials from reputable supplier who establish clear track record in respect to environmental renewal, conformance with legal and social responsibility.

As an exporter PT. Daya Cipta Karya Sempurna has been certified by  SVLK certificate No. VLK 00010 as a requirement of a Indonesian company to export goods  and Certisource Certificate CS-DX-13013-DCK-SS from Double Helix, UK.

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About Us

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