After more than 10 years of PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA engaged in the world of timber. Praise the Lord for mercy and infinite grace was with journey of company and our employees. Thanks to its business partners and loyal customers who have supported over the years. With such a large trust, PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA motivated to always try to improve the quality of production and service. Through this company profile allow us to present with information and a more complete product specifications.

PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA producing decking (Profile Board) as the main product and flooring (Wood Floor) as additional products using quality natural wood base materials with a composition of 90% species merbau and 10% other types of wood such as red balau and masopang. In addition to high quality natural wood base materials, the production process in PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA is also supported by good infrastructure and professional workforce. Products of PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA is a product that has passed the quality control and meet the standards that have been determined before it is marketed and reaches the consumer.

With long experience and continuous innovation to improve production quality and service that has been done so far, we are optimistic PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA prepared to meet the needs of foreign markets and the Indonesian people will quality wood products.

Finally, we would like to thank to all of our buyers, especially from the States in Australia, New Zealand and Europe, as well as the people of Indonesia who have received attendance and provide a place for product development PT. DAYA CIPTA KARYA SEMPURNA.