Question: How To Put Plywood Over Windows?

What kind of plywood do you use to cover windows?

Before hurricane season even arrives, you should purchase enough boards of 5/8-inch CDX plywood to cover all your building’s windows. CDX plywood is meant for exterior uses, so it will hold up better over time after repeated exposure to weather. Measure all your windows and pre cut the boards to fit into each one.

Why do people put plywood on windows?

Boarding up windows with plywood can prevent dangerous debris from smashing into your home during a tropical storm with violent winds. If a storm is forecast for your area soon, now is the time to learn how to board up windows – it might take an hour to measure, cut, build and install each storm shutter.

How do you board a window from the inside?

How to Board Up Windows From the Inside. Place security window films over the glass from the inside. While not as effective as boarding windows up from the outside, using films will at least keep the glass in place should the windows break. Glass window clips can also be used to ensure your windows stay shut.

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How do you protect Windows without plywood?

How to Protect Windows Without Plywood

  1. Hurricane Fabric.
  2. Safety and Security Window Film.
  3. Storm Panels.
  4. Hurricane Shutters.
  5. Laminated Security Glass.

Do I need to board up my windows?

One of these key preparations is the boarding up of windows and doors to protect them from wind damage and flying debris. Boarding up doors and windows won’ t prevent all damage but can help you avoid some of the repairs associated with large storms.

At what wind speed should I board up windows?

Standard residential windows have DP values between 15 and 50. A DP 15 window can reasonably be expected to sustain winds of roughly 77 mph before shattering. A DP 50 window is expected to sustain winds up to 173 mph.

Should I board up my windows?

One of the most important things you can do is to board up the windows of your home. Having hurricane shutters are the absolute best protection for your windows. The wood not only helps to protect your windows from flying debris, but it also helps your windows to resist breaking from the force of the howling winds.

Should I board up my windows from the inside or outside?

Most folks preparing for a storm would have put the plywood on the outside of the home to protect the glass in the windows from shattering from any flying debris. And plywood on the inside could easily loosen and fall inside if the windows were shattered and gusty winds came along.

How do you cover an unwanted window?

Wrap the opening with a moisture barrier and seal the seams against weather with flashing. Skin the outer opening with a piece of material cut to the exact size of the hole. Inside, fill the wall with insulation, then cover the hole with a piece of material that matches the interior.

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How do you board a smashed window?

Take out the loose glass pieces. If the cracked glass proves to be strong to dismantle, wrap up their sharp edges with packing tape. Use thick pieces of cardboard or plywood to cover up the gap. In case the cardboard and plywood are out of reach, use black-coloured bin bags instead.

How do you nail windows shut?

Insert a 4-inch nail into each hole. The nail goes through the bottom sash and into the top sash, securing the window closed. To open the window, pull out the nails and set them aside.

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