Quick Answer: Where To Buy Birch Plywood?

What is the best birch plywood?

Baltic Birch Plywood is a plywood built using a specific method. It comes from Russia and the nearby Baltic states. Baltic Birch plywood is generally regarded as being of higher quality than standard birch plywood.

How big is a sheet of birch plywood?

DimensionsBirch Plywood (Common: 3/4 in. x 2 ft.

Is birch the same as plywood?

Both types of plywood showcase birch veneers on the face and back of each sheet. The veneers on Baltic birch are thicker than most plywood veneers, giving it additional heft and strength. Since each layer is made of Baltic birch, you can sand this wood down to meet your needs.

How much does a 4×8 sheet of birch plywood weigh?

A 4-by-8 sheet of plywood equals 32 square feet, so 32 times 2.3, is just over 70 pounds per sheet.

Is birch plywood good for cabinets?

Oak or birch hardwood is good for cabinets, storage and furniture. The Home Depot has a handy chart to make picking plywood easier.

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Are there different types of birch plywood?

Although both have birch trees as the main component, there are fundamental differences that distinguish one from the other. Baltic Birch plywood, for instance, has twice as many plies. A 3/4″ regular plywood usually would have 5 to 7 layers. Baltic Birch could have up to 13 layers.

What are the disadvantages of birch wood?


  • expensive.
  • can be prone to attack from the furniture beetle.

Which is stronger maple or birch plywood?

Hard maple is harder and has more density than birch. On the Janka hardness scale, which ranks wood density, hard maple ranks 1,450. Yellow birch ranks 1,260.

Is birch plywood hard or soft?

Softwood Plywood is plywood which has a face and back veneer of softwood as opposed to a hardwood such as Birch, Maple, Oak, etc. Softwood plywood panels are comprised of a core made from either softwood then faced and backed with a veneer of soft wood and therefore are used for structural applications.

What is the difference between birch and MDF?

birch is lighter, stiffer, and holds up to abuse and moisture better. It also holds screws better. Mdf is denser and cheaper.

What is the difference between birch and Baltic birch plywood?

There are major differences between Baltic birch and birch. Baltic birch has about twice as many plys, does not use any filler wood, and has thicker outer layers. Typical birch plywood will have 5 to 7 plys for a 3/4-inch thick board, whereas Baltic birch will have about twice that amount.

Is birch plywood stronger than regular plywood?

Even though regular plywood is made using layers of veneer, birch plywood is much more resistant to wear and tear than regular plywood. A cross-banded veneer finish gives birch plywoods that edge over other plywoods, making them a range of robust, hardwood plies.

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How do you protect birch plywood?

Like solid birch lumber, for it to stain evenly with an oil based pigment stain you’ll need to apply a stain controller or a wash coat of de-waxed shellac. Otherwise use dye for even color. To keep the uniform, light color instead, simply finish Baltic birch with a basic clear top coat of lacquer or polyurethane.

Does birch plywood stain well?

Unfortunately, many people find that birch plywood is a bit trickier to stain than some of the other common woods that you may encounter. It may take a few additional steps and more careful attention to detail, but it is possible to stain birch with excellent results.

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