Readers ask: What Type Of Paint To Use On Plywood Floors?

Can you paint over plywood floor?

Plywood is an extremely strong, solid surface and can be painted like any other material. The key to a beautiful plywood paint job consists of three main steps: properly preparing the surface to accept paint, applying a high-quality primer and paint, and applying a superior polyurethane finish coat.

How do you paint old plywood floors?


  1. Clean and Sand the Plywood. Put on your dust mask and safety glasses.
  2. Fill Indentations With Wood Putty. Plywood often has dents, dings, indentations and even gouges.
  3. Clean Up for Painting.
  4. Apply Primer.
  5. Paint the Floor.
  6. Create a Pattern (Optional)
  7. Seal the Floor.
  8. Let the Paint Cure.

What is the best paint to paint plywood?

Top 5 Best Paints For Plywood

  • Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Latex Paint.
  • Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint.
  • Krylon COLORmaxx Brush On Paint.
  • RECOLOR 100% Recycled Interior Latex Paint.
  • PRESTIGE Interior Paint & Primer In One.

Do I need to prime plywood before painting?

Plywood, just like any other wood, requires preparation before painting. The quality of the preparation determines the finished quality of the painted surface. Pour primer into the paint tray until the lower half is full. Roll the roller into the paint and back out to coat the roller with primer.

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What paint do you use on subfloor?

We coated our plywood floor in enamel paint, which comes only in a satin finish. If you want a semi-gloss or glossy look, you can use that type of paint, but you must protect it with a layer of water-based polyurethane.

Does painting plywood make it waterproof?

Spray – on or paint – on Latex is another effective plywood protector. It’s available at hardware stores and forms a waterproof layer on the surface of the plywood to protect it from moisture.

What is the most durable floor paint?

Epoxy floor coating. Of all of the choices on this list, epoxy floor coating is the most durable. These coatings are waterproof and capable of withstanding significant amounts of abuse, including heavy weights, high traffic, abrasion, spills, stains and more.

Does plywood paint well?

Plywood absorbs more paint than most other woods, and so the primer helps seal it and smooth the surface before you paint. This layer should be thick enough that you can’t see the wood grain through it. Both latex and oil paint work with plywood.

What is paint grade plywood?

Sometimes, you’ll even see plywood classified as “paint grade.” Birch is close grained with a smooth texture that doesn’t show through paint. With an open-grained species like oak, the grain is visible under paint. MDF, of course, has no grain pattern, making it a good choice for painted projects.

Can I use epoxy paint on plywood?

Although latex and acrylic latex paints are generally preferred for coating plywood, epoxy floor paint can be used, provided the applicator employs the proper preparation and application strategies. Improper techniques will ultimately lead to paint failure.

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Can you just paint subflooring?

Yes, subfloor can be painted successfully and last for years. One of the ways The process was not as hard as you would think, in fact – it was pretty darn easy. I thought about painting it decoratively using a stencil, but I want the room to be simple and serene just like a yoga studio.

How thick should plywood be for flooring?

The minimum thickness of plywood for subflooring is about 5/8 inch. Since it does not hold fasteners as well as plywood, OSB must be a little thicker, or at least 23/32 inch. There are several factors that determine what subfloor thickness is optimal for added benefits like insulation.

Are plywood floors good?

Durable for Any Environment Because it is engineered with many layers, plywood flooring is strong, stable and durable.

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